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ED issues notice to Aamir Khan for disproportionate shedding of tears over the last few months

27, Nov 2015 By Beer & Biryani

New Delhi: The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has issued a notice to the Bollywood perfectionist Aamir Khan citing disproportionate shedding of tears over incidents in last few months. The situations in which Aamir had cried over incidents in the last 6-8 months were found to be emotionally dry from psychological perspective.

Glycerin working as expected
Glycerin working as expected

Aamir critics have alleged that he has been using Glycerin for producing artificial tears during various situations to turn it to his advantage and prove how emotionally high he is.

However, fans have attributed Aamir’s crying to his sensitive, soft nature and that the situations have driven him to reveal his true self to the world.

“Whenever Aamir sees someone break traffic signal, tears roll down his eyes. When he gets calls from wrong numbers, he just cannot control his emotions. In addition, he’s been crying after premiere show of every movie we’re being invited for,” said wife Keran as she continued to reveal further facts.

“He is surely reaching ’emotional perfection’, a state of mind he decided to live up to, after earning the perfectionist tag from his fans. However, there are multiple situations where he refuses to cry though me and children end up sobbing in some situations,” she added.

One of our reporters asked her about today’s intolerance and she replied, “It is a very well known fact that intolerance could be selective. Nothing wrong with it. For example, I tolerate a cute puppy and play with it for hours but when I see a cockroach I jump up and down due to my intolerance in spite of the fact that both are tolerant living things.”

Keran requested us to keep it short as she seemed to be in hurry booking international flight tickets to escape intolerance.

Sources say that the whole idea of leaving India is to use the proven “intolerance” tool, go on a holiday and earn the required publicity before the upcoming ventures.

Meanwhile, Congress party has criticized the Govt. and said the ED notice to the bollywood star itself shows the growing levels of intolerance within the country.