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Ed Sheeran keeps Farah Khan busy clicking pictures so that she doesn't get time to show him 'Happy New Year'

22, Nov 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

When it comes to celebrating any occasion in style, Bollywood sure knows how to do it. Farah Khan threw the craziest party ever for British singer Ed Sheeran, who was in the city yesterday, as part of his Asia Tour, Divide. The showbiz industry celebrated this event at Farah Khan’s residence and within minutes of the pics being uploaded, they went viral.


The popular mandate was that it was Farah who kept forcing herself on Ed for more pictures, but Ed has come out and clarified the matter. Ed Sheeran though not a great Bollywood fan, has heard a lot about the crap named ‘Happy New Year’ so he was scared while partying with Farah. He was afraid that given some free time, Farah will definitely want Ed to have a look at the movie. That’s when Ed decided to give more and more poses with Farah to keep her involved.

“To say that the celebs were star struck seeing Ed Sheeran amidst them would be an understatement. Farah was in cloud nine and posted several pics with the Brit singer. She posted a pic of him with her triplets.” This is what most news reports published. But Faking News reporter Shwetank Malik unearthed the truth by meeting Ed in person and Ed had this to say,” Everyone mocking Farah for the pictures is not good. It was me who kept on clicking the pictures. Of everything that I have heard of ‘Happy New Year’, I felt that this would not be the right time to watch it. And anyways Abhishek was present in the party, and trust me watching Abhishek in person is still bearable than watching him in a movie, so my requests to all entertainment daily would be to please not mock Farah Khan.”