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Ekta Kapoor agrees for "Ekta Ka Swayamvar"

19, Sep 2009 By Chotu Ustaad

Mumbai. After the highest TRP gainer “Rakhi ka Swayamvar” and the already in production “Swayamvar Season 2 – Rahul Dulhan Le Jayega“, reliable sources from NDTV Imagine have confirmed Ekta Kapoor, the saas-bahu queen of television, as the third participant in the series. In fact, according to an insider, Ekta was supposed to be the first celebrity to participate in the show, much before Rakhi, but due to some personal reasons, she could not make up her mind earlier.

Ekta’s consent to take part in the show now, as per speculations, is because of Karan Johar!

Ekta and Karan have been good professional friends for a long time. But a couple of months back, Karan shocked Ekta by giving a statement in media that they had agreed to marry each other if they did not find suitable partners for themselves shortly. Though Ekta did not ridicule Karan publically, she was heard talking to friends in a party, “Karan stinks of Miss Dior and Poison (read female perfumes) while I use Homme and Fahrenheit (read male perfumes). I would not marry him even if he is the last man alive.”

Hoping to scoff at Karan by finding a suitable groom for herself, Ekta had recently organized mock auditions at Balaji Telefilms. The actual purpose of the auditions was to shortlist a few suitors for Ekta. Though the news of applicant girls being forced to smooch guys was publicized by the media, the real news was suppressed by the organizers.

In fact, when the male applicants were asked to smooch Ekta during the audition, 33 out of 35 refused to oblige and ran away. The remaining two were identified as beggars aged 52 and 55 respectively.

Since that day, Ekta had been missing from the page-3 parties and has gone into her shell. Taking this as an opportunity, Sameer Nair, CEO- NDTV Imagine, re-approached Ekta to convince her to come out and participate in the show, to which she agreed happily this time around.

Ekta Ka Swayamvar
Ekta Ka Swayamvar

It is interesting to note that Karan Johar was also approached for the 3rd season of Swayamvar series. According to Nair, “Karan is a good friend of mine and we have already discussed the prospect of organizing his Swayamvar on television. But being confused with his orientation, he demanded to invite applications from both guys and girls. Since NDTV is an Indian family channel, we consider Indian culture and traditions before giving a green signal for any show. Though Article 377 has been annulled by the judiciary, there is little acceptance of gay relations in our country. So I had to say sorry to KJo.”

But according to insiders, this excuse is largely false. Actually, Nair feared receiving life threatening calls from Shahrukh once Karan agreed to marry on the show, because of which Nair had to call off “Karan Ka Swayamvar“.

Well, it will be interesting to see how many guys would like to watch the real saas-bahu drama in their homes itself after marrying Ekta. Karan Johar has already planned to apply for Ekta’s Swayamvar, sources confirmed.