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Ekta Kapoor charged with murder of Anandi, Faking News seeks justice

12, Mar 2010 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai. A pall of gloom fell over Indian society when they learnt that their favorite daughter-in-law Anandi had died. While a lot of news channels analyzed the causes and effects of this unfortunate and untimely demise, none of them cared to demand “Justice to Anandi” with a war cry to bring her murderers to book. Being a responsible media organization, we decided to investigate the matter and the findings have been shocking to say the least.

We decided to hand over the case to CID as they have been unraveling mysterious murder mysteries for decades now. Anandi was murdered on 10th March 2010 and CID managed to crack the case in 24 hrs, which is an achievement in itself.

According to the CID, Ekta Kapoor was not happy with the increasing TRP of Baalika Vadhu and the falling TRP of her saas-bahu serials. So to put an end to this, she ordered a hitman to do the job.

CID chief Pradyuman and his team spoke exclusively to Faking News and also revealed the shocking information that apart from TRPs, Ekta was also unhappy with Anandi not applying red tilak on her forehead despite being a bahu, as it would have improved the brand recall of her saas-bahu serials. Finally, Ekta tried to finish off the trouble by leaving a permanent tilak on Anandi’s forehead.

Following shocking visuals, shared with us by the CID team, tells the telling story of the gruesome murder:

The victim

Ekta Kapoor
The accused

The hitman
The hitman

And finally, the investigating team