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Ekta to adapt Bajrangi Bhaijaan into Daily Soap, Munni to reach Pak in 250th episode

30, Jul 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: Saas-bahu evangelist and sister of superstar Tusshar, Miss Ekta Kapoor has finally decided on the inevitable. She has decided to adapt Bajrangi Bhaijaan into a Daily soap opera called ‘Agle Janam lautegi tohri bitiya (AJLTB), literally translating to, your kid lost in this birth will only return in next. Which according to sources might not be entirely wrong as Munni who gets lost in very first episode will reach Pak only after 250th episode.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan, from a 3 hr movie to a 1000 episode serial. Thanks to Ekta Kapoor.
Bajrangi Bhaijaan, from a 3 hr movie to a 1000 episode serial. Thanks to Ekta Kapoor.

Talking to media Miss Ekta Kapoor provided further details. “Although it’s copied, AJLTB would be an original story in itself. And yes Munni will take atleast 250 episodes till she reaches Pakistan. In fact people will come to know that she is a Pakistani only around 200th episode. Till then I will actually focus on love-triangle between Bajrangi, Rasika and Chand Nawab. Yes in my tele-series, Chand-Nawab comes into picture pretty early,” Ekta looked at her diamond rings and said.

She further continued, “But after 250th episode when Munni reaches Pak, the story will move forward pretty fast. In fact Munni will be married by the 500th episode and will have grand-kids by 750th episode. In the 750th episode Munni’s youngest grandkid Chunni will be lost again in India and this time Bajrangi’s grand-son Shivalik will save her and like his grandfather, he will take Chunni back to Pakistan. So basically if we get episode renewal from the TV channel beyond 750thh episode, the exact same story will be repeated with different characters and actors, for another 750 episodes,”  Ekta adjusted her dress and said.

When asked if showing the same story repeatedly will work with audiences, Ekta heartily laughed for a few seconds and then said, “My stories are completely original, different, new and are totally different from each other.” She then got into another fit of laughter and walked out of the press conference laughing.

Although it is not yet clear on when the shooting would commence for AJLTB, but cast is largely finalized. Also a series of Yajna’s and detailed Pooja-path is already commenced on the sets of AJLTB and will continue for 1 month before shooting starts.