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Eminent personalities write to Google seeking mercy for Google+

29, Jul 2015 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Around 40 eminent personalities, convinced that they understand issues better than anyone else including institutions of authority, have written to Google Inc. asking it to reconsider its decision to wind up its social networking arm Google Plus.

The group has jointly signed a petition that seeks mercy for Google+, claiming that its ‘death’ will show a bloodthirsty image of Google, which believes in doing no evil.

“Just because many people are not using Google+, you will close it down?” asked a shocked Sitaram Yechury of CPM, “Even our party is not getting people’s votes, so did we close it down? What kind of absurd and fascist logic is this?”

An eminent personality
An eminent personality

Bollywood filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt too opposed the move saying Google+ had done no wrong.

“Yes, it was a copy of Facebook, so what?” Bhatt said, “I don’t see it as a copy. It was an inspired version, like my movies. My movies did well and there is no reason why Google+ won’t do well. It will be a shame if we close it down.”

Actor Shatrughan Sinha backed Mahesh Bhatt and criticized Google for taking a step that was against free speech, secularism, federalism, development, net neutrality, distribution of wealth, education, social justice, equality, and brotherhood.

“Khamosh!” he said when this Faking News reporter asked him to clarify how exactly.

Among other personalities, economist Amartya Sen too demanded mercy for Google Plus.

“As a netizen of the virtual world, I don’t want Facebook to be my prime social networking site,” he said, “Google’s autocratic decision to close down Google+ is interference in independent functioning of social networking websites. Everyone should resist such changes.”

Sen suggested that Google should be investing at least 27000 crore US Dollars more in running Google+, and one day it will beat Facebook.

The eminent personalities further warned that such brute power of the majority will sound a death knell to the digital civilization where the minority voices must be respected.

“Is web traffic and pageviews everything for Google?” wondered one eminent personality about whom Faking News had no idea about, “There is a small group that still uses it. Their views and choices will not be respected?”

“Or is Google under pressure?” the personality added, “This is the only social networking website that is not infested by Hindutva elements. Could Modi be behind this arm twisting? Is this silencing of dissent? Is Emergency back in India?”