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Engineering student sends friend request to Angelina Jolie after hearing about her breakup with Brad Pitt

21, Sep 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Faridabad: Looking to try his luck with the Hollywood actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie, a local engineering student has sent her a friend request on Facebook immediately after hearing about her divorce with Brad Pitt.

They are single, go try your luck!

People around the world were shocked when the news broke of the end of ‘Brangelina’, but while most people were expressing shock and sadness, 20 yrs old Gaurav was already on Facebook asking Angelina if she wanted to be friends with him.

“I have heard from many friends of mine that if you keep sending friendship requests to random girls on Facebook, eventually one of them does say yes. I have also heard that people are vulnerable after a breakup and look for other partners to get over the breakup. I decided to put these two theories to test at the same time by sending a friendship request to Angelina immediately after hearing about the divorce”, Gaurav told Faking News.

“She is not the first person that I have sent an FB friendship request to. I generally spend an hour every day sending friendship requests to random females with pretty display pics. However, Angelina is my most ambitious project till date. I thought, this is the opportunity and I didn’t want to miss. I have had a crush on her since childhood and this was the time to take a chance”, Gaurav added.

“I see no reason why she should deny my friendship request. I have compared my face with Brad Pitt aur bas 19-20 ka hi fark hai. She can get over her ex and at the same time, still be with her ex. Tanu Weds Manu Returns type story ho jayegi”, a hopeful Gaurav said.

However, Gaurav is not putting all his eggs in one basket and returned to his Facebook profile to send friendship requests to other females.