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If every person who talked about the movie saw it once, Padmaavat will be the widely watched movie ever, says statistics

27, Jan 2018 By RT

New Delhi. The national statistical institute has come up with an interesting statistical trivia post the release of the movie of the century – Padmaavat. If every person who talked about the movie sees it once, Padmaavat will become the widely watched movie ever, says the institute.

“People from Kanyakumari to Himalayas, from Chennai to New Delhi, talked about little else but about the movie for the past several months. Almost every Indian who can talk, has talked about the movie. The media talked so loudly on the movie, the news covered has reached all parts of the world. If every person who talked about the movie sees it once, Padmaavat will beat the likes of Titanic, Jurassic Park and Avatar put together” the statistics read.


“The unknown Karni Sena had become the darling of every news monger, print or otherwise. Both printable and unprintable things have been said about the movie by the Sena and the media has covered it all. Karni Sena went so far to defy the government; declared their own ‘Padma’ awards for who excelled in vandalism under the disguise of Padmaavat protests. A TV channel exposed that most of the Sena leaders are with criminal records. They sure have to see the movie at least once to understand what they are opposing up against” the survey further went on the details.

“It is rather funny that people talk so much about things they actually don’t know anything about. Several examples have happened in the past few years. Demonetisation was one such thing. Then there came GST. Online economists and instant queue theory specialists have been born out of the two above. Now this Padmaavat row has produced all kinds of historians and a branding specialist in one man” a man who just saw the movie under police protection, with no visible bruises, told Faking News.

Meanwhile, the statistics also said that if every protesting Sena member planted a tree, the Rajput pride would reach much beyond Indian borders, it is learnt by Faking News.