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Ex-Fan of Arnab's Newshour happy to find an alternative in Bigg Boss 8

23, Sep 2014 By indianpsycho

Faridabad. An ex fan of Arnab Goswami’s The Newshour was today happy to have found an alternative for a show he once watched regularly in Bigg Boss 8.

Having given up on Newshour few months back after finding it getting tedious and repetitive, Arun Wadhwa’s domestic voyeuristic life was in upheaval until he found Bigg Boss.

“The time slot is same. There is controversy, there is outrage, there is unwanted aggression, there are ear deafening verbal fights, inconclusive arguments, dominating and sanctimonious characters and all of it in a new format. It is just perfect,” Arun told Faking News.

“Perfect” said Arun.

“After a tiring and boring day at work, all I need on TV is a program that doesn’t require me to use much of a brain, but still has lot of masala at the same time. I guess I have found that in Bigg Boss,” he added.

Arun had watched few episodes of last season of Bigg Boss and had got hooked on to show. But as he was still in love with Newshour then, he found it difficult to sacrifice it for Bigg Boss.

But luckily this time, Arnab’s show no longer excited him the way it used to before Lok Sabha elections.

“Well frankly, I have had enough of making issues out of non issues. I have matured and moved ahead in life and would advise Arnab also to move ahead and stop looking for controversies when there are none,” Arun advised Arnab.

However Arun feels that Bigg Boss still has long way to go before it can come fully into the league of reality shows like Newshour.

“Unlike Newshour, majority of fights in this show are not without a reason. Neither do we see Bigg Boss himself jumping in and outshouting other contestants. He still plays the role of a pacifier,” Arun pointed areas where Bigg Boss lacked.

But Arun hopes to see Arnab one day in Bigg Boss as contestant. “That would be just perfect. He is Dolly Bindra, Imam, and Armaan Kohli, all rolled into one,” Arun claimed, “The only glitch is he would give ultimatum to makers that it is either him or Bigg Boss in the show.”