Extended period of not crying on reality show due to lockdown takes toll on Neha Kakkar, singer complains of eye problems

15, Apr 2020 By @jurnoleast

Neha Kakkar is having eye issues. The singer, in an Instagram post, revealed that the extended period of not crying on reality show is taking a toll on her health.

neha kakkar cry

The singer complained that she has not been on any reality show since a month due to lockdown and that is giving her a burning sensation in the eyes.

“I am not sure what is wrong with my eyes. They are so used to crying, but because of this lockdown I haven’t shed a tear in the last one month. My eyes are having this burning sensation. It’s hard to explain. Not sure if they are withdrawal symptoms,” she posted on Instagram.

Apologies for crying out loud, but I feel like my tear glands are underutilized. It’s like they are telling ‘meri shaktiyon a galat istemal ho raha hai’. Just few months back they worked in double shifts and now they are just sitting idle. Never seen them so jobless ever. Even Abhishek Bachchan would feel insecure,” the singer added.

the singer seemed worried that if something is not done immediately, she might even forget to cry at all.

“I want to cry over my condition right now, but can’t even do that,” she rued.

Her predicament was shared a million times on social media, forcing Information and Broadcasting Minister to issue a statement. “We have taken cognizance of Nehaji’s problem and are planning to re-run old episodes of reality shows on TV. She can watch those can cry all over again. Hopefully this will provide some relief,” said Mr. Prakash Javadekar while addressing a press conference.