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Failing to answer ‘How many zeroes in one Trillion?’, Sambit Patra is offered role of Alia Bhatt’s father in movie

18, Sep 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. In his takedown of BJP’s media panelist Sambit Patra, Congress spokesperson Gourav Vallabh found an opening in familiar territory — the economy and the numbers surrounding it. He decided to pose a rather simple question: “Just how many zeroes are there in a trillion?” Sambit though is a good aggressive orator often lacks substance in his debates.


And that is exactly what happened. Sambit Patra failed to answer the simple question and instead asked the Congress spokesperson to ask the question to Rahul Gandhi. In fact, some days back when a senior BJP leader asked Sambit ‘Why did he lose elections?’ Sambit replied ‘Ask Rahul Gandhi’. This is the answer he has been giving to all questions.

But his disability to answer has landed him a role in Dharma productions next movie. Dharma which has a 20 movie contract with all the star kids have offered Sambit the role of Alia Bhatt’s father in their next movie. Dharma producers have also conveyed that Sambit doesn’t need to prepare for the role as he is already well prepared. Sambit Patra will be seen on many national debate shows as part of movie promotion too. The movie has been tentatively titled as ‘Million Dollar Baby’. There were suggestions about calling at ‘Papa Kehte Hain’ also. Well Played, Dharma!