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Fans install a loudspeaker outside Sonu Nigam's house, Will play a lullaby after Azaan

18, Apr 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Sonu Nigam is not happy these days, his sleep is getting disrupted with the calls for prayers from places near his home. He expressed his displeasure in a series of tweets yesterday, starting a national debate (As you expect after tweets by everyone working in Bollywood). Now his fans have decided to solve Sonu’s problems by installing a loudspeaker outside Sonu’s home, through which they will play lullabies immediately after the calls to prayers.

Sonu Nigam
Phans gaye bhai

“We can’t see our favorite singer suffering like this. His sleep is very precious to him, means it is very precious to us. We won’t let a few loudspeakers ruin it for him. Every time there is Azaan, we will play a lullaby immediately after that. Every time there is an aarti in a temple near his home, we will start playing a lullaby. Even when the bells toll in a Church, we will start those lullabies. We will keep the volume high enough to make sure Sonu bhai will get to hear them. Sonu bhai will get his daily sleep peacefully”, a big fan of Sonu Nigam told Faking News outside his Mumbai residence.

Sonu’s fans are also prepared to match the sounds during special religious processions and jagratas, they have promised they will keep playing lullabies as long as there is any sound near Sonu Nigam’s house.

After hearing about this ‘solution’ to his problem, Sonu Nigam is a little bit scared and has started considering moving to a secret place till the loudspeaker wars don’t end.