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Fans of Salman request govt to enforce “the Bhai can do no wrong” law for the rest of his life

10, May 2015 By sunnyyy

Mumbai. Fans of Salman have requested the Government to end the court and prison game for once and for all by enforcing the Indian version of ancient super law “the King can do no wrong”.

Exhausted with blackmailing Bollywood to support Salman, sleeping outside Galaxy apartment, enchanting Bhai Rocks slogans, being shirtless for Rs. 200 per day; the fans have decided to come together to request the Government to enforce “the Bhai can do wrong” law so that Salman doesn’t face any trouble in committing offences for the rest of his life.

“Bhai giving blessing to the people of his bhaidom”

When Faking News contacted Salman’s lawyer about this latest development, he said, “We are fed up with this contemporary legal system, in ancient times if a celebrity committed any offence he was let go easily by enforcing “the Celebrity can do no wrong” law and any offence committed by him didn’t remain an offence anymore rather it became a trend, copied by everyone afterwards. We are asking for the same law.”

He further revealed, “We are asking for pardon for Salman’s previous offences as well because this law has a retrospective effect unlike our tax laws. We are ready to start doing charity in advance from now onwards unlike last time, we have decided to open Being-another-Human NGO through which Bhai will be donating money in proportion to the intensity of the offence committed.”

On being asked by Faking News why they love Salman so much, one of the hardcore fans of Salman said, “Because Bhai is generous. He is so generous that for Abhijeet’s “Sleep like a dog, Die like a dog tweet”, he has given him one of his dogs apart from the contract to sing in his next 3 movies. So, I guess, for my contribution in this propaganda sorry in this struggle, I might end up getting a 2BHK flat in Navi Mumbai.”