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Farah Ali to write thesis on Interior design of footpaths, Abhijeet to add a chapter on the canine angle

10, May 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai. After posting 245 tweets within 3 days and advising homeless to re-design the way they live, jewelry designer Farah Khan Ali is all set to give back to society by writing a PhD research thesis on the topic. Once famous singer Abhijeet is also planning to co-author the thesis by writing a chapter on do’s and don’ts for animal and plant life on footpaths.

Farah Khan Ali is even said to have visited Mumbai University and met a few professors to share her ideas. She also tried to deliberately give a few autographs to students but was met with weird looks.

We need more Farah Khans
We need more Farah Khansa

Talking to reporters outside Mumbai University campus Farah Khan Ali said, “Design is my bread and butter, although I avoid bread and butter for health reasons. But beyond jewelry design, which is my specialty, I have always been interested in interior design of open-spaces. And footpaths I believe are an interesting space to get into. I plan to re-design them, add more color and more texture to the whole space. So that people staying there could enjoy the ambiance.”

“Though I won’t want to deprive the whole space of the natural candor it carries, so that is a challenging task. Although I am not very worried as Abhijeet sir is also planning to contribute to my thesis by writing a chapter on animal and plant life on footpaths,” Farah Said.

When Abhijeet was asked his comments on the chapter he is going to write in Farah’s thesis he got visibly upset, “Yaar ye baatein media me leak kaise ho jaati hain. Earlier when I was writing my true thoughts on my private twitter account, somehow the whole world was able to read those tweets and now I am in loads of trouble. You guys go away please.”

While it is not yet clear on when this book will be available on shelves and e-book readers, it is being rumored that taking cue from this situation Robert Vadra is all set to acquire the whole footpath land in India and has pledged to closely work with stakeholders as always.