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Father disowns son after seeing his Musically video

25, Jul 2018 By Guest Patrakar
Bhopal: In a shocking incident, a father has disowned his son for making a video that went viral. Kiran Sethi, a second year engineering student, is now a sensation on social media. Kiran has made a video on an app called Musically which is largely used by girls to showcase their acting skills. The video has gone viral after a few social media users had shared it on various platforms.
However, things went totally opposite to what Kiran had thought, and instead of appreciating Kiran, his father disowned him from their family. Kiran had made a video enacting a Katrina Kaif number, Chikni Chameli. Kiran’s father was upset with his video getting viral and left all whatsapp groups that he had with his colleagues, to avoid further embarrassment.
Faking News reporter spoke to Kiran’s father to understand the issue better. Mr. Sethi told Faking News, “I have always asked my son to do what he loves and give 100% on that. He’s been a sincere and obedient student. But I had no idea he’s making such kind of stupid videos and behaving like a girl. Though he gave his 100% here but I wish I had not asked him to give his 100% everywhere. I am totally disturbed, I’ll not be able to face my colleagues” and started crying hysterically.
Kiran’s Mother, on the other hand, has a different opinion and considers this as another achievement for Kiran. She herself updated her son’s video on her facebook profile with the caption “Maari chhora, chhori se kam hai ke”. The status has bagged more than one million likes and Kiran has received over 1000 friend requests since his video went viral.
While many people are calling it a moment of embarrassment for the family, many have called Kiran an inspiration for trying something different in life.