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Fed up of PK's promotion on every popular channel, man watching DD Bharati for last few days

10, Dec 2014 By indianpsycho

Hyderabad. PK’s promotion on popular TV channels has taken a toll on television enthusiasts in the country.

So much so that, a 22 year old animation student has been watching only DD Bharati channel on TV for last 6 days, thereby creating a record for the maximum number of time an individual has watched the channel.

At TV screens near you.
At TV screens near you.

Reportedly Anoop Katyal was so fed up with PK’s promotion that while flipping through channels, he found only DD Bharati to be not showing anything related to PK.

Anoop then put on his ear plugs, asked his maid to tie his hands on the sofa, and watched the channel for 10 continuous minutes to confirm if DD Bharati was indeed safe enough.

Having found solace in DD Bharati, Anoop took a break and spoke to Faking News.

“I know it is not unusual for Aamir to excessively promote his film, given that he does one film in every 2 years. But this time the entire PK team had gone a bit too far. For a moment, I even thought if they have outsourced job of promoting the film to Rajdeep Sardesai,” Anoop told Faking News.

“It’s not just main actors, but almost everybody from the cast and crew seems to be appearing on TV to promote the film,” he continued

“So much so that, I now know even names of few spot boys of the film,” he added, looking visibly frustrated.

But DD Bharati management and his parents are not complaining. While DD management is expecting a boost in their TRP’s, Anoop’s parents are happy to see their son change himself for good.

“PK’s promotion has turned out to be a blessing in disguise for us. It is heartening to see my son watching an adarshwadi channel instead of the usual MTV, Bindaas etc.,” Anoop’s father argued.

In a related incident, with Aamir and team on a multi city tour to promote the film, a man scared of being confronted by PK’s team on roads, has decided to lock himself in his room till the film releases.