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Fed up with low TRPs, English news channels decide to telecast Arnab's Newshour to boost viewership

01, Jul 2016 By Ajayendar Reddy

NOIDA: Fed up with their consistently low TRPs during Prime Time, especially in comparison to Times Now, all other English news channels came together and decided to telecast Arnab’s Newshour every day.

Newshour- Now on all channels

These channels will pay a royalty fee to Times Now for borrowing their footage of the Newshour and the telecast will be delayed by 5 minutes on these channels. This arrangement has been seen with sports programming earlier but will be a first for news programming.

“Yes. It’s a fantastic idea. Our content and anchors might not be as much of a draw for the Indian viewers, but our visuals are unmatched in the industry. We will also lower the volume of Arnab Goswami to remove the biggest complaint people have with this program. I’m sure we’ll draw more eyes to our channel than Times Now by telecasting Arnab’s Newshour,” said the CEO of India’s oldest private news channel.

Our sources tell us that the celebrity prime time hosts of these channels are privately much relieved at this decision. “Phew! What a relief! I was really starting to get pissed with everyone sharing TRP numbers of my show which coincides with the two hour long Newshour of Arnab. I kept telling everyone on Twitter that we have better stories but I just got RTs, no viewers after all my efforts,” said a leading news anchor.

Meanwhile, Congress and AAP have slammed all these news channels and accused them of becoming a “BJP Chamcha” by agreeing to share the footage from Newshour.

Meanwhile, Times Now has already claimed 100% share of the English news market after this decision by the other channels