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Filmmakers hold protest against actress who blamed Filmmaker Sajid Khan for sexual harassment; ask the actress to not call Sajid Khan a ‘Filmmaker’

13, Oct 2018 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai: The #MeToo movement has been gaining momentum across the country with more and more women coming out to tell their ordeal. And with every passing day, allegations against big Bollywood names are surfacing. Director Sajid Khan is the latest to join a long list of Indian celebrities who have been accused of sexual harassment.


As many as three women—an assistant director, an actress, and a journalist—have come forth accusing him of sexually harassing them. But filmmakers are really angry with the actresses.

The reason is weird and correct at the same time. The filmmakers say that calling Sajid a filmmaker is an insult to the whole community. ‘Housefull’, Himmatwala and Humshakkals should not be called as films and the maker of such films should not be called as a filmmaker is what the protesters demanded.

Even some police officers who are handling the Sajid Khan case and who have watched his films have asked the actresses to not use the word ‘filmmaker’ in their FIRs.

On Friday morning, actor Akshay Kumar announced his decision to cancel the shoot of Sajid’s directorial Housefull 4 until “further investigation”. Sajid himself stepped down as director of Housefull 4, and urged “friends in the media to kindly not pass judgment till the truth is out”