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Films with adult people on screen will need ‘A’ certificate: Pahlaj Nihalani

26, Jul 2017 By dasu

Mumbai: Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) Chief Pahlaj Nihalani after saying movies with alcohol scenes would get an Adult (A) certificate, he went a step further. “From now on, any films with adult people on screen would get an Adult certificate”, said Mr. Nihalani while speaking to our reporter.


When we asked the logic behind it, Mr. Nihalani said, “Everyone was asking me to make the certification process simple and transparent. That’s what I have done. From now on, there would be no ambiguity. If a director is using adult people in his movie, he or she should be ready in his mind that movie will get ‘A” certificate”.

Mr. Nihalani added, “Movies with all actors below 12 years’ age will get U certificate and if any character is above 12 but less than 18 years of age then it will get U/A certificate”.

With such clear-cut guidelines from Nihalani we had no ambiguity, still we asked few questions to clarify our doubts. When we asked, “In this case then certification process just becomes a formality, then what CBFC team would do. We might be the country where movies will have ratings even before the script is written only”. Mr. Nihalani said, “This is a new rule which is added on top of other rules. All existing rules will apply”.

“What do you think, an Adult rating means you can show everything. Under ‘A’ also there are many restrictions, like kissing length should not be more than 1.7 seconds if it is between people of different sex, not more than 0.3 seconds if it is between two persons of same sex. Film certification is nothing but to do a check whether the person who is making the movie has sensibility to adhere to the ‘values and culture’ of our great country”, said Mr. Nihalani.

When our reporter asked is there a chance this rule can be changed if some online voting gets more than 1 lakh votes, he said clear-cut ‘NO’ and told our reporter he will not take any more questions. Our reporter tried hard, but Nihalani started his customary neck rotation exercise inside the lift without looking at her