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FIR registered against Writer-Director for ending a daily Soap without a generation leap

16, Jan 2016 By chachachaudhary

Mumbai: In a shocking incident that shook the foundations of daily soap history last week a daily soap “Simar ke sasural me diya aur baati ke saath saas bhi kabhi bahu thi aur bahu bhi kabhi beti thi”(SKSMDABSKSBKBTABBKBT) ended without a generation leap.

Someone needs to teach these newbies the basics of making TV serials
Someone needs to teach these newbies the basics of making TV serials

The Writer-Director of the show Fekta Gafoor was arrested for hurting the sentiments of its viewers.

Faking news correspondent Bonobos interviewed an avid daily soap viewer Kumkum Biriyaani about the arrest of Fekta Gafoor, she furiously said, “I knew that the Writer Director of  SKSMDABSKSBKBTABBKBT was in trouble. The show did not have any standards. Males in the show wore T-shirt and tracks while sleeping instead of designer traditional kurtas.The women in the show got up in the morning without heavy makeup and designer jewellery. I was already bored from the first episode itself.”

“The bahu in the show attended her job the very next day after marriage. There were no Karwa Chauth celebrations in the show. All the character did ordinary jobs instead of multi crore business deals. The characters discussed political scenario instead of giving us our required dose of Sanskaar. There were no illegitimate children coming to their mothers after 25 years,” she added.

She further continued, “There were no fights over property. Saas did not have a meaty role, she only fulfilled her Job Description of being a Saas .She did not bitch or create trouble for her bahu. This show just underestimated the power of  bahu .Are the bahus  not capable enough to handle a wicked saas”.

One of the aspiring writer and  Game of Thrones(GOT) critic  Mihir Baratheon said, “This show was as bullshit as GOT. Nobody came from dead in the show, everybody died natural death. This show did not think of survival of plastic surgeons either. They did not respect popular public sentiments.”

One of the self proclaimed TV show critic FRK shared his thoughts and said, “Technically the production house got it all wrong. There were innovative camera angles. Camera zoomed only once while creating drama. It is an unspoken rule in TV industry that camera should zoom thrice on the protagonist to create drama.”

“The show did not have remixed hindi songs in the background. It had original instrumental music in the background. The creators of the show should be banned for life. The dialogues were very original. All the characters acted naturally as they are acting in a play, See originality is a cardinal sin in television today and the Writer-Director committed it. They should be banned for life for doing this to our beloved audience,” he concluded.