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Fitoor becomes the first Bollywood movie which had more reviewers than viewers

21, Feb 2016 By santosh

Mumbai: In a country obsessed with its movies and the movie stars, movie reviewing is fast catching up as new hobby. It is giving a run for the money for other hobbies in India which includes movie watching, cricket watching, street-fight-watching, and all the other types of watching. But seldom did we find a situation where reviewers outnumbered the watchers for a movie.

Have you reviewed their performance yet?
Have you reviewed their performance yet?

Fitoor, friends, has entered that category. People have found a movie to write about and discuss about among peers. One thing still not clear is the fact that even though so many reviewers have reviewed the movie, why the box office numbers are so bleak. Have they just copied the so called elite reviews, or as we say, have they been inspired by some of the famous reviews

Some new points have emerged from the reviews, like, Tabu was brilliant, Katrina was at her peak when not in a scene, Aditya Roy Kapoor is the best Kapoor, not in the industry, but in his family. People have praised the scenic beauty of Kashmir, the use of snow and chinar leaves. I mean these were the things we never knew about any movies earlier.

Abhishek Kapoor, the director of the film has shown his gratitude towards the movie reviewers, but has urged them to watch the movie now that it has entered its 2nd week. Fitoor has given hope to the new crop of critics who want to contribute towards cinematic excellence. Meanwhile the existing critics are not so glad with new competitors and are trying to find ways to survive in this brutal industry, they have started making their own movies just the way actors are producing their own movie. This way they will have the sole copyright to review their own movie.

The film makers have no problem with more number of reviewers, but are concerned about people not watching a movie and thrashing it. Because current reviewers were at least watching the movie and then thrashing it.