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FM station decides to introduce song breaks between advertisements

05, Apr 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Concerned about possible fatigue setting in among listeners, a Mumbai based FM station has decided to provide song breaks in between the advertisements they play. Gappistan Radio station has decided to experiment with this radically different business model after many listeners gave feedback that they want to listen to something else apart from commercials and RJs making jokes from 100 years ago.

FM radio
RJs will finally use this console to play songs

“Listeners first has always been our motto and we are going to start playing songs for 5 minutes every hour now to provide them something different. So far we were doing what everyone is doing and just relying on real estate ads and our RJs ability to talk gibberish to run the station but from the feedback we received, listeners were starting to get tired of this. We understand their concerns. After all, how many times a day can you hear an ad saying that a 1 BHK in Mumbai now costs only 10 Crores or our RJ saying in a cheerful voice that every road in Mumbai has a traffic jam, they need variety and we will give it to them ”, said the CEO Sandeep Kadian.

“We don’t want to wander too far away from our core programming of advertisements so we will experiment with 5 minutes of songs every hour and if our listeners give positive feedback then we are willing to increase it to as much as 10 minutes per hour. This will be a major deviation from acceptable industry practices but we must push ourselves towards innovation. Only then will this industry move forward”, Sandeep added.

This idea of playing songs on FM stations has been dismissed by several other stations though. “They can try it in Mumbai, in Delhi we have to run political advertisements for 30 minutes every hour along with the real estate ads and the stale jokes by RJs. Where is the time for songs?” asked a senior executive of a Delhi based Radio station.