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Forgotten celebrity all set to release MMS with her boyfriend

21, Jan 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. A no-more-in-news celebrity is planning to make a raunchy MMS with her boyfriend and release it on YouTube and Rapidshare simultaneously. The celebrity, an ex-model who also tried her luck in a few Bollywood flicks before tapering out of public memory, is hopeful that the MMS will bring her back in the limelight and get her new projects. The MMS will be released on 25th January.

“It will be free for download and distribution but would be covered under Creative Commons Attribution, Noncommercial, Share Alike 2.5 India License.” informed the celebrity, on conditions of anonymity, during an exclusive chat with Faking News. She has also hired a PR agency for the release.

Hot Indian MMS - releasing soon
The celebrity has promised that the final cut of the released MMS will have fine print and nothing would be out of focus or out of frame

“I don’t want to kill the fun, people should Google and download the MMS and find out who am I.” said the celebrity on being asked why she was not revealing her identity before the release. She further added, “I would keep a tab on Google Hot Trends for the next few days. I’d optimize the meta-data of the MMS for ‘hot Indian mms’ and people should search the same. Oh god, I’m excited as well as nervous.”

The currently anonymous celebrity would be the first person in India to officially announce and release any personal MMS. All the other celebrity MMS clips released on the earlier occasions were marked with accusations of forgery or betrayal, but the concerned celebrity believes that times have changed now.

“This is the age of reality shows. Made up stuff don’t excite people. That’s why real news channels continue to be more comical than Faking News, ain’t it? Well, you may disagree, but I’m hopeful that people would love this authenticated and real MMS.” the celebrity explained why she was taking such a step.

The celebrity is hopeful that she would be widely interviewed and invited to television talk shows and high-class parties post the release of her MMS. She made it clear that she was not hungry for any publicity and pledged to donate any revenues earned directly from the MMS to Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund.