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Forgotten Bollywood hero trends his own RIP on Twitter to get into limelight

11, Feb 2013 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

Mumbai. Kamal Sadanah, a forgotten Bollywood hero of early 90’s was found trending “RIP Kamal Sadanah” on Twitter to get into media limelight yesterday. His bluff was caught when he tweeted obituary for himself from his own twitter account.

He wrote, “RIP Kamal, You will always be alive in our heart, you filled our life with all-time classic like Rang and Bekhudi.”

Many Bollywood celebs, without waiting to check facts, started tweeting nice obituaries about him within minutes.

Kamal Sadanah
Although this picture of him is in Black & White, Kamal Sadanah used to act in color movies of 1990’s

Shahid Kapoor was the first to write “Rest in Piece Kamal Sir”. He soon realized the spelling mistake and followed the blunder with another one saying “Rest in Piss Kamal Sadanah”. Within minutes this was re-tweeted 56 times. When people pointed out his mistake he hurriedly removed this tweet and resorted to the short form to avoid spelling mistakes. He finally tweeted “RIP Kamal Sadanah”.

Shashi Tharoor also re-tweeted several tweets of his fans which mentioned “RIP Kamal Sadanah”. Very soon “RIP Kamal” started trending in India, and many people mistook it for Kamal Haasan. Shruti Haasan, his daughter, clarified that there was no need to panic, Mr. Haasan was fine and busy planning Vishwaroopam 2.

Amid all this confusion, Kamaal R Khan clarified, to the dismay of many, that “RIP Kamal” was not to be mistaken for KRK. He said that he was alive and kicking. However nobody cared if he was alive or not.

When Faking News correspondent ‘Shaitaan Khopdi’ asked Sadanah why he spread his own RIP trend, Sadanah said, “Now that Bigg Boss has refused to give me a chance for 6 years, I had to do something to get media attention. I can’t even get a casting couch or sting operation done on me. No one would believe that any girl can come to me asking for work!”

“Last week ‘RIP Kader Khan‘ was trending and later came the clarification that he was hale and hearty. People had lost track of Kader Khan sahab, and the Twitter trend brought him back into public memory. So I thought why not try this on myself. Maybe I can become judge on some dance/acting reality show!” he revealed.

However, this clarification and admission from Kamal Sadanah didn’t change anything on Twitter, as people continued to interpret the trend the way it suited them.

Few members from Tamil Nadu Youth Congress claimed victory over the incident claiming that “RIP Kamal” actually stood for “RIP BJP”.

“After a long struggle somebody has managed to trend an anti-BJP topic, otherwise only Pro-Modi and Pro-BJP topics used to trend on twitter. We must make Sadanah the face of our next elections. He is just 41-year-old, thus a youth icon and a potential game changer. We don’t need Tulika anymore,” said a Youth Congress leader.