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Friday Faking Release: Kisan (*ing Rahul Gandhi)

09, Jun 2017 By @jurnoleast

Ranul Gandhi’s meeting with farmers may be dubbed by opposition and a section of media as another opportunity to score political points. But there is no doubt that he truly no doubt that he does care about farmers. After all he has a jijaji who is as full time farmer and part time businessman. Will Rahul turn out to be the messiah of farmers and push the Govt to it knees? Is this just another opportunity for Rahul to strengthen his vote bank? What is BJP’s strategy to counter Rahul now that he is armed with knowledge from Gita and Upanishad? Find out answers to all these questions and more in this weeks Friday Faking News: Kisan

Kisaan (*ing Rahul Gandhi)
Kisaan (*ing Rahul Gandhi)