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Frustrated techie to go abroad for watching uncensored version of Spectre

23, Nov 2015 By Beer & Biryani

London: A frustrated software engineer has reportedly decided to travel all the way to London to watch the uncensored version of the recently released James Bond movie Spectre.

Anything for uncensored version of Spectre
Anything for uncensored version of Spectre

Ravi Kumar, aged 30, had spent the last few weekends in office owing to huge work load. The only time he had was during the evening breaks and he spent that reading online news.

Being an ardent fan of Bond movies, Ravi was disheartened when he learnt that he’d have to watch an edited version of Spectre as Censor Board had ripped off important scenes in the movie.

During the evening breaks, he is believed to have scrolled through bookmyshow website several times but ended up not buying a ticket.

Speaking to Faking News, Ravi said, “To be frank, I’m a bigger fan of Bond girls than Bond himself. Knowing I wouldn’t be able to watch crucial scenes, I have booked tickets in a popular British theatre. I don’t regret spending money as I’d be in the Bond’s original land to watch a Bond movie uncensored.”

“At the same time, I fear rising intolerance in the country as morality preaching censor activists may hinder my visitor visa process. I would request the centre to at-least tolerate my visa request,” said Ravi as he wiped his tears.

When asked by our reporter that instead of going to abroad he could just download it from the internet, Ravi shot back saying, “You cannot match the camrip with theatre experience. Such crucial deleted scenes are best watched on the big screen.”

Sources say Ravi is one among thousands who feel disappointed and disheartened with rising cuts in screenplay. Many have squarely blamed the Govt. for not doing enough for the techie community.

“If the Govt. seriously wants to attract techies back to India, then this issue needs to be looked into on priority,” Ravi added.

It won’t be long before many such Ravis start deleting their porn content to protest against the censor board.