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Game Of Thrones Fan already applied for half day sick leave on 17th of July

02, Apr 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Gurgugram: Popular HBO series ‘Game Of Thrones’ (GoT) is set to return for its 7th season and GoT fans are already making plans to watch the 1st episode at the same time as the American viewers. 7th season of GoT will premier on the night of 16th July (Morning of 17th July Indian time). To make sure he catches the 1st episode before any spoilers reach him, 26 yrs old Mukesh has already applied for a sick leave during the first half of 17th July.

Winter has come

Confirming the news, a very excited Mukesh said ,”I have to be the first one to watch it among my friends. Every year I wait till Monday evening to watch the show and by then, all my friends and colleagues manage to ruin it for me by disclosing all the spoilers. This year, I am not going to take any chances and will fall sick every Monday. I will keep my phone switched off, won’t expose myself to any human contact till I finish the episode.”

“I could have applied for a full day leave but I am a very honest employee. I only need a couple of hours, to find the right torrent, download it, then watch it. Once done, I will head straight to the office where I can ruin the show for my colleagues who have ruined it for me during the past 6 years. This season will have only 6 episodes so I need the half day leave only 6 times, 3 days of total leave, worth it for the show”, said Mukesh.

When we asked if his boss will approve a sick leave so far in advance, Mukesh said ,”Oh my boss approves leave without looking at the reason or the day for which we apply for a leave. Last year, I applied for a leave 10 times to watch Kohli bat by mentioning that my grandmother has died, he approved every single time.”