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Game of Thrones writers announce new fantasy drama series, story to focus around BJP- Shiv Sena tussle

30, Oct 2019 By @jurnoleast

Fans of political dramas can soon binge watch the web-series adaptation of the ongoing bickering between BJP and Shiv Sena. Freshly laid off from the Star Wars project, writers DB Weiss and David Benioff have announced that they will be working on a fantasy drama inspired by power tussle in Maharashtra.

Speaking to Faking News, writer David Benioff said, “The story has everything to be a wonderful web-series. There is power struggle, deception, dynasty politics and elements that would make it a riveting watch. Don’t want to spill the beans but we reckon that this will be bigger an better than GoT.”

The writer duo will be flying down to Mumbai in the first week of December. Sources say that Saamna Editor Sanjay Raut will be assisting both the writers in fleshing out the script.

“It is true that I will be scripting parts of the show. But that is only after I get an assurance that Amit Shah will be portrayed as a negative character. Someone who is two-timing, scheming and does not honor his word. I have also convinced Aadityaji to play a cameo in the series,” said Mr. Raut while speaking to our reporter.

Sources reveal that the series was initially planned as an extension of GoT, but was later conceptualized as a separate project.

“There were many questions surrounding Drogon in the final episode. We thought of showing him flying towards Maharashtra from the North. But that somehow didn’t fit in. Also Mr. Raut was not comfortable with dragons,” revealed the show writer.

When questioned if there would characters dying in this show as well, the lead writer said, “Maybe one or two. But for now, the mandate that we have been given is to show Aditya as the CM in the final episode.”