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Gandhis to meet Salman Khan to learn about spending time while out on bail

20, Dec 2015 By manithan

New Delhi: Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi who are now out on bail in National Herald scam have reportedly fixed an appointment with Salman Khan. The mother-son duo invited the bollywood actor to their residence to discuss about the latter’s post-bail life experience.

Maybe, Rahul Gandhi can act with Salman Khan while out on bail. If comedy doesn't work out for one, it can be filled with another.' claimed a film scriptwriter
Maybe, Rahul Gandhi can act with Salman Khan while out on bail. If comedy doesn’t work out for one, it can be filled with another.’ claimed a film scriptwriter

Soon after they walked out of the court house, they headed directly to their office.

Immediately, a call was placed to Salman Khan’s manager. One of his manager, on anonymit, said, “We received a call from Congress Headquarters in Delhi. It was around 4 PM. They said that their President and Vice-President would like to have Salman at their office anytime.”

When pressed to know about the reason for calling out Salman, he finally let it out, “Yes! It was to learn about how to deal with life while out on bail. Who else to look for expertise in this field other than our Bhai? He had been out on bail multiple times and had bagged most of the biggest hits of his career during such tenure.”

A well known Expert on something, contributed rare insights on this, “Gandhis getting to know about dealing with life after being an accused out on bail from Salman might help them only a litttle. There are few reasons why Congress High Command doesn’t need Salman that much. Salman had media against him, but certain section of media is the candy-demanding-kid of Gandhis.  Intellectuals may commit suicide if Gandhis go to jail, but they will undergo similar pathological process when they watch a Bhai movie. I wonder why they ask for Salman’s intelligence in this. They should have asked their recent ally Lalu Prasad Yadav instead.”

“But Salman Khan can be of some help to Rahul baba and we should not be doubting that. Both have an ardent fan base which can do anything for them. Both have siblings who can’t shine. Maybe, Salman can help Rahul to cope with emotions as both might be in similar frequency,” ended the Expert.