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Sourav Ganguly to star in Dabangg-2 along with Salman Khan

11, Jan 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Sourav Ganguly had decided to go all out against Shah Rukh Khan for not having retained him for the fourth season of IPL. The former Indian captain has decided to join hands with SRK’s Bollywood enemy Salman Khan and agreed to play a role in the sequel to the superhit movie Dabangg. Dada would be seen beating the hell out of an SRK’s lookalike in the movie.

“After Salman Khan refused to accept the apology of SRK that was issued on a television show instead of being offered in person, Dada too decided to refuse the support that was shown by SRK in newspapers instead of extending the same on the auction floor,” said a source, explaining what brought Dada and Salman together.

Salman Khan practicing for Dabangg-2, No, it's not Sourav Ganguly keeping the wickets
Salman Khan has already started rehearsing for the planned movie with Sourav Ganguly

Following the principle of “enemy of an enemy is a friend”, Dada and Salman decided to join hands and almost immediately it was decided that Dada would play a role in the sequel to Salman’s Dabangg.

“They decided the script in a few minutes,” our source informed, “as was the case with the original movie.”

According to our trusted sources, Dabangg-2 too would see a new villain, Pota Singh, to be played by an SRK lookalike, who would kill Salman’s i.e. Chulbul Pandey’s brother Makhkhi (Arbaaz Khan) during a village cricket match for bowling a bouncer.

Following the brutal murder, Chulbul would vow to avenge the death of his brother and team up with Pota Singh’s estranged opening partner Daddu Singh, to be played by Sourav Ganguly, and finally kill Pota Singh even more brutally in the middle of the same cricket ground.

“Deepika Padukone and Siddharth Mallya are being roped in for an item song, where they would dance as cheerleaders in the same cricket ground, but they are non-committal as of yet,” our source further informed.

Shooting for the movie is slated to begin “anytime, anywhere” according to the sources, and the producers are planning to release it along with SRK’s upcoming movie Ra.One to rub salt on SRK’s wounds.

“Just like he had done with Dada by issuing out that statement,” our source explained.