Geologist finds new group of rocks on Salman Khan’s birthday, names it "Bhai Rocks"

27, Dec 2019 By manithan

Pune: A world renowned geologist who had been involved in 40-year long research to find new types of rock, has found it out in the outskirts of Pune. Delighted by the find and as a tribute to his favorite hero, he has named it – “Bhai Rocks”.

Steven Reokjafik, a geologist from Sweden, came to India around 1998. His pursuit for new type of rocks took him to Iran, Pakistan and finally India. He toured several places in India, camping in each place for at least 2-3 years, finally ending up in Pune in 2018. In Pune, he saw a chance for his research to hit its jackpot.

The stone in Salman’s bracelet is reportedly Bhai Rocks.

In an exclusive interview to Faking News, he said, “Thank you India and namaste! I have today achieved what I used to dream during my undergraduate days – that I will be the person who will find the fourth type of rock. There are three types of rocks classified in this earth – Igneous which is formed by cooled lava, Sedimentary which is formed by sediments and Metamorphic which is either of the first two types subjected to varied conditions. But, I had several theories during my initial research years that there should be another type of rock. And finally, I have found it on Saturday.”

When asked about the reason for naming the rock, he said, “On Saturday, I started my day by singing ‘Teri meri’ song of Sallu bhai. I’m his big fan. I started seeing his movies from Biwi No.1 and ever since, I never missed any of his movies. Even for Kick, I took my whole research crew for the first day show. Saturday was Salman Khan’s birthday. What else can I name my rock, rather than my Bhai, Sallu Bhai? So, I named it as ‘Bhai rocks’.”

When asked about the property of the new rocks, he said, “The rock will never change its texture, even if you try to change it. It loses its top layer most of the times. In other words, it is shirtless for most of the time.”

“It is definitely featureless but of perfect shape. Generally, rocks can go into hole, but Bhai Rock is a virgin. I mean, it never goes into any hole (laughs). Many deers had got itself killed by tripping on this rock and this rock had made many cars on the road go haywire. Moreover, this type of rock, once seen among ice in the Himalayas, is now rife as a playground for cats aka cat arena. That’s all for now, I need to study more on it before publishing my findings worldwide,” he added.

This issue took Twitter by storm, as Salman Khan fans started trending something once again, but this time with something meaningful like #BhaiRocks. One such tweet was, “Get lost Bang Bang or Don Dang, our Bhai made Big Bang #SalmanKhanFanFromBigBangTillBigCrunch #BhaiRocks #BhaiRoxx.”

Salman Khan fan club offline tried to use the frenzy around Bhai Rocks for making something memorable to their hero on his birthday. They are planning to print “Being Rocks” apart from “Being Human” t-shirts.

As per rumors from Page 3 parties, Salman Khan is requesting his directors to cast Bhai Rocks along with him in his upcoming movies. Lyrics of his intro song in one of his upcoming movie has used Bhai Rocks in its opening line – “Mera body block hai, leh lo apna frock hai, hamare naam pe rock hai, cock-a-doodle cock hai (tadan tadannu tadan tadannu tadan tadannu tadan tadan).”