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After Google Earth finding a mention in Oscar nominated Lion, tech giant urges Hollywood to promote Google Plus too 

27, Feb 2017 By @jurnoleast

The movie Lion, which narrates the story of an Indian man’s reunion with his family years after being separated, will also be known for its depiction of how technology played a wonderful catalyst in helping someone find his roots. The movie shows a young Dev Patel using Google Earth to trace his roots and locate his family and that too with success. The accolades that the movie has given Google a ray of hope for Google Plus.

devpatelThe Tech giant hopes that Hollywood would be kind enough and come up with Oscar worthy scrips that would somehow promote G+.

Speaking to Faking News CEO Sundar Pichai said, “We are all happy that Lion has done incredibly well and the how Google Earth plays a supporting role in the entire movie. Technology is definitely an enabler and we hope that Hollywood would also tap into the enabling potential of Google Plus.”

Senior Management of Google is in talks with top Hollywood directors to somehow create another Lion like story. “Maybe we could have a sequel to the movie itself which shows Dev Patel using Google Plus to connect with his family back in Australia. I mean there isn’t any dearth of ideas. We are hoping the right idea would show itself up give G+ some much deserved publicity,” said a Senior Google developer.

Unconfirmed reports say that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg too isnt holding back either. Sources reveal that Zuckerberg might turn into a Hollywood producer himself.

When questioned if Bollywood was on their radar as a vehicle to promote Google product, the spokesperson for Google declined to comment.