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Google Maps adds new feature for Star kids, will show them the shortest route to karan Johar's office

21, May 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. Google Maps is without a doubt one of the best navigation apps out there and a must-have on mobile devices. Google keeps adding new features to Maps, making it even more useful than before. No one leaves their houses before switching on Google maps as it is the most trusted tool around.


As part of its new update, Google Maps has added a new feature for the Star Kids. Star Kids nowadays have only one thing to do in life, yes, being a part of a Dharma movie. That’s all, they have such a sorted out life, a life we can only dream of.

Google Maps will show the shortest route to Karan Johar’s office. Actually, when Google did a survey, it found out things that Starkids search for. The most common dearch was the route to Karan Johar’s office. And now with the new update, the kids will not have to waste time by typing in the most important query of their life ‘Where is Karan Johar’s office?’. They will just open the app and they go, they will get the shortest route to heaven.

Parents like Saif-Kareena, Ajay-Kajol, Akshay-Twinkle have personally thanked Google for making the life of their kids so easy.