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'GoT' producers to launch 2-3 fake episodes which will show Tarak Mehta after initial title credits to fight future leaks

21, Aug 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

The HBO hackers’ incursion into the data territory of the US-based television network has taken another drastic turn. The fact that there are multiple hackers breaching into the channel’s security and leaking consequential information is leading to new hacks everyday. But not anymore as the ‘GoT producers have formed a new strategy to fight such menance. The producers have decided to release some fake episodes which will show ‘Tarak Mehta’ after the title credits to make a mockery of future leaks.

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Software engineer Harneet Ahuja who has been an ardent fan of the fiction series took it upon himself to deliver a solution to save his favorite series from future leaks. Harneet, as every Indian knows the feeling a youngster gets after watching ‘Tarak Mehta’, the feeling of irritation, the feeling of going back 20 years in life. But the hit Indian serial came to his rescue when he was thinking about solutions to stop future leaks of ‘Game Of Thrones’. What if the leaked episodes show tarak mehta instead of the ‘GoT’ episode. I mean that would be a perfect reply to the unethical business of leaking original episodes. Harneet gave this solution to the producers and after watching a small clip from ‘Tarak Mehta’, even the producers understood how irritating the serial is and how it can help them come out of this menace of episodes getting leaked.

The editing team of ‘GoT’ has started integrating the Tarak Mehta episodes into the GoT ones and by the release of next episode they should be ready. This mission has been kept a top secret and people will not be told which episodes will be integrated, but the people trying to watch the leaked episodes will come to know about it as soon as they start watching the leaked episode which has been integrated with ‘Tarak Mehta’