Government has announced compensation of Rs 2 Lakhs for the victims of Dhinchak Pooja

25, May 2017 By Guest Patrakar

This month has not been very kind to the world. Tensions across borders and terrorist activities have disturbed the world peace. Amidst all this, music has played an important role in bringing back the peace. 

But on 18th May, a girl named Dinchak Pooja changed everyone’s perception towards music. Music will no longer be perceived as a way of life. With her song she proved that music can also terrorize people and hurt people to the point from where they can never recover.

Dhinchak Pooja, a YouTube sensation, released her second song “Selfie maine le li aaj“. The song spread faster than Ransomeware virus and impacted more lives. In less than a week, song has impaired vision and hearing ability of more than 5 million people across the globe. 

Faking News reporter, after using several voice modulation equipment, spoke to Dhinchak Pooja. Dhinchak Pooja said, “It’s a beautiful song with a deep meaning lyrics. People these days just look for outrage, they have lost the music sense. I have seen people who don’t even understand the lyrics but are fan of Pitbul, Enrique, Justin Bieber and Altaf Raja etc. I am trying to promote Make in India campaign, but it seems Indians themselves don’t want India to grow.” Dhinchak Pooja admires Honey Singh and is aiming for 2018 Grammy awards. 

It’s not the first time when Dhinchak Pooja has impacted so many people. Her first song “Swag wali topi, meri swag wali topi” had a similar impact after which the state government took various measures and banned internet for a day.

This time it had a severe impact hence the center government has announced compensation of 2 lakhs from PM relief fund for every victim. Apart from this government has also made a task force that will ensure minimum broadcasting of the video. 

According to sources, victims will receive the compensation of 2 lakhs at the same time when PM Modi will give the 15 lakhs promised during 2014 Lok-Sabha election campaign.

Compensation would certainly help the victims but what measures the government is going to take to avoid such videos is still a question. It’s time government takes some serious steps towards creating jobs so that people engage in constructive things instead of making such videos.