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Government employees accuse makers of 'Newton' of defaming them by showing a dedicated government employee

29, Sep 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: An organisation of government employees organised a protest at Jantar-Mantar today to protest against the Bollywood film Newton. The organisation accused the film’s makers of defamation and hurting the public image of government employees. The film’s protagonist, Newton Kumar, a government clerk is shown as a dedicated government employee who carries out his duties sincerely and this hasn’t gone down well with the organisation.

Point towards the guy defaming government employees

There were slogans raised against the film, its makers, and also against the lead actor Rajkumar Rao. The organisation is asking for immediate action against all of them and has also asked government to remove the film from all cinema halls.

Speaking to Faking News, the head of the employee organisation said ,”What do these Bollywood guys think of themselves? They will show anything to defame us and we will just keep sitting quietly? We don’t do any work in our office so they think we will not do anything about this defamation either? No sir, we will not rest till the government destroys all the prints of this film, including the one they have sent to the Oscars.”

Furthermore, he added ,”If they really wanted to show a hard working government employee, they could have shown someone going to office on time, that would have been enough. But they are showing all types of nonsense here, who works like that? We suspend work for the day when we see a rat inside office and this guy is taking panga with security forces to do his duty?”

“We went on a strike in our office for the entire week to protest against the film but nobody noticed that we were on an actual strike. Therefore, we have been forced to come here to Jantar-Mantar to make our voices heard”, he concluded before joining his fellow protesters for lunch.