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Govt hopeful of Karishma Tanna solving food crisis after she gives more importance to her make up kit

04, Nov 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. Govt of India is hopeful if there are more people like Bigg Boss contestant Karishma Tanna in the country, food crisis could be a thing of past.

Govt hailed Karishma’s sincere actions on the show where she has time and again held things like her make-up kit and nominations over and above food in the house.

Inspiring starving people of the country.
Inspiring starving people of the country.

“We were amazed to see her letting go off half the weekly ration of entire house (and not just hers) to save herself from nominations, few episodes back. And in yesterday’s episode, she was angry not because there was less food in the house, but because co-contestant Gautam Gulati didn’t agree upon her make-up kit being returned by Bigg Boss. I mean that’s the kind of subtle message that you as a celeb need to send across to the masses,” a source from Department of food and public distribution told Faking News

“Such has been her impact that it has inspired Shri Nitin Gadkari too to have just 5 samosas instead of usual 8 in a go,” the source continued.

“Roti, kapda, makaan is passé. It’s make up, make up and only make up,” he excitedly claimed.

Once evicted, Govt intends to utilize Karishma’s services in motivating poor people to go without food for weeks and not complain.

Whether or not she wins Bigg Boss or not, she has already won hearts of economists who had severely criticized populist schemes like Food Security Bill.

“If more people follow her path, I am sure there would be no need for Food security bill and the money thus saved could thus be used for development,” said a well known economist in his family.

Opposition however credited Rahul Gandhi’s vision for emergence of likes of Karishma Tanna in the country.

“Just like Rahul baba showed us that poverty is a state of mind, Karishma through her actions has conveyed that hunger too is a state of mind,” quipped Digvijay Singh.