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After Gujarat verdict, Nation ready to outrage over Padmavati once more

18, Dec 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Finally, Gujarat election circus process is over and BJP looks set to return to power in the state they have ruled since Mid-90s. For the past few weeks, entire country was glued to the Gujarat election coverage and in doing so, forgot to concentrate on the more important issues facing the country, like the film Padmavati. The film, which was scheduled to release on 1st of December initially, faced a lot of protests during the months of November but as the polling dates in Gujarat came closer, people forgot this important issue and started guessing the number of seats BJP and Congress will win in Gujarat. With that distraction out of the way, entire country is now ready to break the windows of some more multiplexes.

Ab to release karwa do bhai!

Speaking to Faking News, a leader of the PPM (Padmavati Protest Movement) said ,”For the past 3 weeks, we couldn’t get our workers to take to the streets against this film because they were busy tweeting on Gujarat elections. These elections are misguiding our youth and taking them away from positive activities like effigy burning, vandalizing multiplexes  etc but thankfully, they should be free again now. We will once again start our agitation against the film and will make sure it is not seen by anyone except us. We will get a special screening of course, protesters ka to free show banta hai.”

When we reminded him that the film has been already banned in their home state, PPM leader said ,”Who said you can’t protest against a banned item? So many people protest against drugs, aren’t they already banned? We can’t stop our movement just because there is a ban already in place, we will continue till we get our free show.”

Meanwhile, in an attempt to get the ban on his film lifted, Sanjay Leela Bhansali is thinking about adding a few scenes in the film showing BJP defeating Congress in an election in Rajasthan in the 14th century.