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Gunda to be inducted as a case study at IIM Ahmedabad

20, Aug 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Gunda or Guru?
Gunda or Guru?

Ahmedabad. The academic council of IIM Ahmedabad has decided to include the cult movie Gunda as a case study for its flagship two-year MBA program. The Mithun Chakraborty starrer already enjoys an inexplicably exceptional fan following among engineering and management graduates, but this is the first time an educational institute has formally admitted and accepted it as a part of its curriculum. Gunda will help IIM Ahmedabad students learn various aspects of business management.

“I think Gunda documents one of the best supply chain frameworks that you can find in services sector. The way Lucky Chikna supplies girls to Bulla and Chutiya is unmatched in its planning and execution. Normally we tend to believe that services sector don’t need to worry about supply chain management, but Gunda breaks that myth. It would indeed be very useful to discuss these factors in the class.” Gulshan, a first year student at IIM Ahmedabad said.

Most of the students welcomed the step and hoped that Gunda would help them understand finer nuances of business management in a more practical way. Students suggested that the movie should not be restricted to just one subject and should be made a part of each and every subject in each and every term of the MBA course, better known as PGP on the campus.

“Each time I see Gunda I find a new meaning to it. The story, the dialogues, the scenes, everything about the movie is steeped with pearls of wisdom. Gullu told you about supply chain, but that’s not where learning ends with Gunda. How can we forget the instance when Lucky Chikna rebukes his prostitute for refusing to serve an aged and eccentric customer? I can’t find a better example that demonstrates that customer satisfaction is vital for a successful business.” Shankar, another student said.

Many students also claimed that the ongoing business battle between Ambani brothers can be better understood after watching Gunda.

“Ambani brothers are like Bulla and Lambu Aata – brotherly friends turned foes. You can so well relate the hostility between Bulla and Lambu Aata with that between the Ambani brothers today. There was a politician called Bachchu Bhigona who had triggered the battle between Bulla and Lambu Aata in Gunda, I am dead sure that there is some politician behind the current battle between Ambani brothers as well. Only Gunda can give you such deep insights.” Murli Kalra, another student said.

Students are eagerly awaiting the first class when Gunda would be discussed as a business case. There were rumors that Mithun Chakraborty could visit the IIM Ahmedabad campus to take part in the first case discussion, but institute authorities refused to confirm the news.