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Guy disowned by family for posting Game Of Thrones spoilers on family WhatsApp group

25, Apr 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Chandigarh: 22 yrs old Amit Singh was removed from his family’s WhatsApp group after he posted spoilers from the 1st episode of the 6th season of hit HBO series, Game Of Thrones.

They are coming!
They are coming!

Amit, who is a huge fan of the show as well as the books by George RR Martin on which the show is based, was eagerly waiting for the season premier. Immediately after watching the episode, he picked up his mobile and messaged “********************” to his family members. However, this upset his family members as they were yet to watch the show and they unanimously decided to kick Amit out of their group.

“This is unpardonable. Why can’t he be like normal youngsters and shame me by doing drugs or drinking or getting arrested or dating a girl from different caste and religion, he has shamed me in front of all the relatives by disclosing the storyline of Game Of Thrones. How will I ever show my face in front of them”, said Amit’s mother, Mrs. Singh.

Amit’s father also joined in and expressed his disappointment with his son. He said, “I was avoiding messages from everyone at office fearing they will reveal GoT spoilers but little did I know that there is a Vibhishan in my house only. Amazing though that he got up so early to watch the show, he normally doesn’t get out of the bed by 12. However, that doesn’t excuse his behavior, revealing GoT spoilers is among the greatest sins in the world and he is guilty.”

As per family sources, initially Amit’s parents thought about removing Amit from their will but then thought he deserves harsher punishment so they removed him from family WhatsApp group.

Meanwhile, Amit’s Fufa ji has also announced that he will not be attending Amit’s wedding in protest.