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Guy goes to watch Padmaavat in theatres; marks himself safe on Facebook after movie ends

21, Jan 2018 By Akash Vadera

Padmaavat had faced controversies ever since its inception. Right from the sets getting vandalized to changing name thrice, Bhansali-led team of this epic period drama has come a long way. However, all was still not well for this film. Prior to Supreme Court’s decision to uplift the ban; it was banned in 4 states. And even after SC’s decision came through, Karni Sena had threatened to burn down theatres if the film released especially in Rajasthan and Haryana. Following this, Jodhpur based Aayush Jain (name changed on request) marked himself safe on Facebook after he watched Padmaavat in theatres.

Ab to release karwa do bhai!

Doing such a thing after just watching a movie caught the eye balls of many. We got hold of him and here’s what he had to say “We all know that Karni Sena had threatened to burn down the theatres if the movie was released. However, this one theatre in Jodhpur was screening 4 shows a day. I have heard the owner was a former winner of Khatron Ke Khiladi. Yesterday, my friends forced me to come with them so I went. We kept safety armors and pads with us, just in case. When we reached theatre, there was no one. Obviously, I had to do the most important thing that everyone does when they see a movie that is checking-in on Facebook. When we entered the theatre, we saw that they were offering helmet and armor combo along with food and drinks. We bought one helmet combo and one steel armor combo. We then entered the movie. Each passing second of the movie was breath-taking for us. Whenever the entry door used to open, we used to almost run towards the exit fearing that Karni Sena has entered, but it was just the theatre staff.

We missed many important scenes due to this. During the end of the movie, I got a call from home that Karni Sena is monitoring the Facebook of all residents and searching for the keyword Padmaavat. Since I had checked-in with the status ‘Hey Karni Sena, stop me if you can! Watching Padmaavat’ I peed in my pants. I had only uploaded the status to impress my crush. We ran out of theatre at the speed of light, sat in the car and drove away. We left from the back gate while Karni Sena was entering from the front gate. We were saved by minutes. And then when I reached home, I marked myself safe on Facebook. Everyone was glad that I made it back unharmed and alive.”

What Aayush did was surely dangerous and it is recommended that you do not do it alone. If you’re in Rajasthan and Haryana and still want to watch the movie, go with a group of at least 150 people.