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Guy notices the difference before and after girlfriend's haircut; girl proposes him for marriage

31, Dec 2017 By Akash Vadera

Sunday was an unusual yet amazing day for Bandra-based Rahul Arora, when his girlfriend of 7 months Sakshi Malhotra, proposed him for marriage. You may be thinking what so news worthy this is about, as thousands of people propose each other every day! What’s unique is not the news, but the reason behind the news i.e. the proposal. Sakshi proposed him for marriage because he was able to differentiate her hairstyle before and after the haircut.


We got hold of Rahul and here’s what an ecstatic Rahul had to say “I am truly surprised and mesmerized by this incident. We all know that identifying two different hair styles of girls is difficult than climbing a Mount Everest. My last break-up happened due to the exact same reason. Once my ex, Ritika, cut her hair and asked me if I notice any difference. I am so not observant that once even when our TV got robbed, I didn’t notice it for 3 days. So it was obvious that I wasn’t able to figure out the difference in her haircut and I told her so. She just replied ‘Fine’. And then she started behaving weirdly. This ‘fine’ of girls is more dangerous than a guy’s ‘Lage pade hai’ (Life’s tough). So next time when she asked me the same question after cutting her hair, I replied ‘Yes, you look better now. The earlier hair style wasn’t good enough. To which she replied ‘That is so mean. I was lying. I didn’t go for a haircut. You don’t think my hair is good enough?’ and started crying.” Our reporter had tears in his eyes. Rahul continued “We then broke up. I realised that noticing haircuts is more important to girls than anything. So when I entered into a relationship with Sakshi, I took 100 photos of her hair style, from every angle possible. I came to know even if 3 of hair fell down. Then on Sunday, after paying 1500 bucks at the beauty parlor, she came home and asked me if I notice anything different. Here’s a tip for all the committed guys out there. If she asks do you notice anything different, it’s always the hair. To her question, I replied “Is it the hair? You look amazing!”

Rahul continues “Sakshi’s jaw dropped. Never ever in her relationships, she had heard this answer before. She suddenly felt a cosmic realization and that the Universe is giving a sign or some sort. 30 seconds after I answered, she went down on her knees and proposed me. We’re getting married next month”

If you are a guy who is committed, always keep in mind the valuable lesson given by Rahul and even you’ll tie the knot soon.