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Guy troubled with Game of Thrones spoilers, shifts to Himalayas for 2 months

04, Aug 2017 By Akash Vadera

Any TV-series viewer who is well-versed with the latest TV shows is bound to know about Game of Thrones – the popular HBO series, which is running in its 7th season. For those who don’t know, this series is famous for the twists and turns that are depicted in each episode. In fact, this has become such a fad that people get up early on Monday mornings just to watch the show and reveal spoilers. Troubled by getting spoilers, Delhi-based 26-year old Rohit Mehra has decided to shift to Himalayas for the entire duration of the 7th season.


We got hold of him just before he left for Himalayas and interviewed him. Here’s what he had to say “This was not something that I decided out of the blue. I have been tolerating this for the last 5 years. First 2 seasons no one was interested anyway. But after the Red Wedding episode in the 3rd season, everyone just lost their minds and started revealing spoilers. My friend, who has never seen sunrise in his life, wakes up at 6 a.m. when Game of Thrones is running and then makes memes and spoilers and tags us in them. I have blocked him on Facebook and Whatsapp, but he messages through different numbers. The pain and efforts he takes to reveal spoilers, if he did the same with his job, he would be the CEO of his company. You need some special sadism to do such thing. The intensity of pain goes like this, in ascending order – abusing someone – humiliating someone – stabbing someone – killing someone – revealing GoT spoilers” he controls his tears “But this time I could not take it anymore. I decided I should shift to a cave in Himalayas, where there is no network connection.”

We asked him if he’s going to a place where there will be no network connection, how he will watch GoT episodes, to which he replied “I have thought of everything. Every Monday morning, I will travel to Srinagar from Himalayas. I have talked with a cyber café owner there. Every Monday morning at 8 a.m. he will keep the episode ready with him in a pen drive. I will come there, take the pen drive, pay him money and quietly sneak out from the back door and go back to my cave. It’s all planned. See you all after 2 months” as he departs for Himalayas.