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If these protests against Panipat don't stop, I will quit Bollywood and move to Hollywood: Arjun Kapoor 

10, Dec 2019 By @jurnoleast

Protests over distortion of facts in Panipat escalated today after multiplexes in Jaipur were vandalized. Though maker of the movies have all this while maintained stoic silence, Arjun Kapoor today lashed out at protesters.

While speaking to reporters at a press conference he said, “I get one chance to showcase my acting skills and this is how people react. Just some trivial issue of historic depiction and they all go crazy. I am surprised how they just overlooked my brilliant acting. Had this movie been made in Hollywood, I would have got an Oscar.”


Arjun also made in clear that if these protests didn’t stop he would quit bollywood for good. “There is nothing for me here. They make fun of my method acting and call me expressionless. Some movie reviewer even wrote that a dead person has more expression than me. Your guys don’t appreciate talent,” he lamented.

Sources close to the actor reveal that Arjun had almost packed his bags and was ready to move, but timely intervention by uncle Anil Kapoor. The veteran actor came all out in support of Arjun and stopped him at the airport.

Anil said that the audience was being unfair with him and should give him a chance. “Ya Jhakaas…tum log Arjun ko aise treat kar rahe ho jaise Amit Shah illegal migrants ko treat karta hai. At least he has struggled to make a place for himself,” he pointed out.

While on the topic, he also urged the media to separate Arjun from other Karan Johar proteges.

“He(Karan) is the gold standard of nepotism, but Arjun was not launched by Karan. So how can you place him the same category as others,” he questioned.