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Happy that Hrithik-Kangana story is picking up as Ram-Honeypreet story slows down: TV News anchor

06, Oct 2017 By dasu

New Delhi: Navish Kumar, news anchor of a New Delhi based TV news channel is happy he has enough on his plate to stretch Hrithik-Kanga story till Diwali.

“I was getting worried what will be the central story for my news programs with Honeypreet-Ram Rahim news items not bringing enough TRPs. Luckily Hrithik-Kangana story has picked up again and now all my programs have this as the ‘central’ story. Small small news items that will be keep on coming will revolve around this central story,” said Navish while speaking to us.

When we asked him on his years of ‘experience’ of covering such stories, where does he see Hrithik and Kangana story heading to, Mr. Navish said, “Now Hrithik speaking after a long silence, my guess is this story has enough steam left. It’s like a thriller which no one knows where it will end.”

Navish added, “More than the central characters, what I like most in this story is the four supporting characters. Other than two reputed lawyers representing both, Rakesh Ji, father of Hrithik and Sangoli Ji, sister of Kangana are doing a nice job by giving their versions to keep everyone guessing. For me the end ‘result’ of the story does not matter, I do not care. What matters for me is how long this story can keep ‘me’ in news.”

Navish said, “Being a news reporter for 24/7 news channel, life is not easy. One has to keep a tab on people who can give you news. When you cover any news items you can add your sound bites but motto has to be Humesha Sach Dikhana as most of the news channels in India demands”.

Taking our reporter in to confidence, Navish shared some ‘confidential’ information with us. “Our channel is talking to people like Arvind Ji, Rakhi Sawant Ji, Uddhav Ji and many more whose name I can’t disclose now. The agreement says they need to give us news periodically and we will help in giving them ‘space’ to express themselves during prime time,” said Navish who sees a bright future for people associated with news programs.