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HBO to George RR Martin- Finish the books or your favorite character dies on Game of Thrones

12, Feb 2015 By Sandeep Kadian

New York. In a sensational development, HBO has issued a warning to George RR Martin that unless he finishes the remaining books of A Song Of Ice and Fire within next 18 months, his favorite character will be killed off in the TV adaptation, Game Of Thrones.

Though HBO hasn’t made public the name of the character, everyone is certain that they are talking about Tyrion Lannister, widely believed to be George Martin’s favorite character on the show.

George RR Martin has himself blackmailed people in the past with Tyrion’s death

Tyrion has already survived death several times, even the trials at the Vale and at King’s Landing but it seems he may not survive the pen of the TV Show’s writers if the books don’t finish within the stipulated time period.

George Martin, whose speed of writing is believed to be even slower than Yogendra Yadav’s speed of talking, started writing the books in 1991 and has published 5 volumes till now. Work on the 6th volume, The Winds of Winter began in 2011 and it is still not close to being finished. Earlier it was rumored to be out in 2014 and then 2015 but as per latest information, it is not coming out this year as well.

Speaking to Faking News, David Benioff, one of the show’s executive producers said, “Yes we were told about this by the channel as well. We are running out of the material from existing books and HBO is a bit edgy about it. We have already shot the next season and have enough for 2016 but after that, we need those damn books.”

Experts are divided over the impact Tyrion’s death will have on the show. While some believe it will turn away several fans as he is the most popular character on the show for most of the audience, others believe that Game Of Thrones viewers are used to seeing their favorite characters die so it won’t matter.

One critic told us, “See, Robb Stark was a fan favorite, he died. Show’s popularity only soared. Ned Stark was a favorite of many, he died but in his case fans were prepared as they knew if Sean Bean is playing a character, he will die. Maybe they will survive Tyrion’s death too.”

Meanwhile in India, several people have issued the threat that if they kill Tyrion, they will stop downloading the show through torrents.