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Hearing about costly bananas of JW Marriott, Karan Johar adds 2-3 scenes of hero eating JW Marriott bananas in next movie

25, Jul 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. So, Rahul Bose ordered for two bananas while he was working out in the gym of JW Marriott and they came at a price of Rs 442 and guess what? the bill had GST included. Twitter went crazy after the incident as many people shared their Rahul Bose moment of paying high for things that should not be very costly.


Karan Johar, on the other hand, is happy with the incident as he likes to show costly things in his movies. In his next movie you will see the hero eating the JW Marriott Bananas in 2-3 scenes.

Karan who is known to splash out exorbitant amounts on simple scenes is always on the lookout to find costly things and he has Rahul Bose to thank to for bringing out the cost of bananas in JW Marriott hotel. Karan Johar has made it mandatory that all his shooting crew and actors will stay in JW Marriott only and food on the sets will come from JW Marriott. In fact, in place of jewellery, some scenes of his movies will show actors wearing the bananas.

In latest news, Karan has ordered all his directors to take a passing shot of the bananas in all the upcoming movies.