Heartbroken, cigarette smoker and alcohol addict, Kabir Singh should be an engineer and not doctor: Critics slam inaccuracies in the movie

03, Jul 2019 By @jurnoleast

Shahid Kapoor’s Kabir Singh is having a dream run at the box office with the move inching towards the 200 Cr mark. That however has not changed how critics feel about the movie. In yet another round, critics have slammed the movie for factual inaccuracies.

As per critics, the depiction of a heartbroken, cigarette and alcohol addict fits an engineer better than a doctor.

That is how an engineer transitions from first year to the fourth year – wrote a movie reviewer with reference to Shahid’s character.

Well known critic Rajveer Pasand, who earlier called the move largely misogynistic, shared a post on social media about how the movie didn’t even get the facts correct. “The protagonist is shown as someone who is a dipsomaniac going down an emotional spiral due to lost love. Are you kidding me? Ask any street kid and he will tell you that the character in the movie should be an engineer. Scenes in the movie where the character is seen waiting for a wine shop to open so that he can buy alcohol is what life in an engineering hostel is all about.”

Other prominent critics too voiced similar opinion and lamented how the scriptwriters had done their homework. “If they wanted to show Kabir as a doctor, they should have shown scenes of him getting beaten up by patients relatives in the hospital. Or maybe a scene where the doctor is handing out illegible prescription to patient. Taking creative liberty is fine, but this is stretched beyond the elastic limit,” said another engineer turned movie reviewer.

Given the successful run of the movie, the movie makers seem to be in no mood to tweak Kabir Singh’s character at the moment. Though the director of the movie has hinted at a sequel that would address the factual inaccuracies.