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Himesh Reshammiya demands 75% reservation for Other Benaam Celebrity, threatens to sing loudly in public

30, Aug 2015 By Lackadaisical Lekhak

Mumbai: On the second day of his three-day fast at Gateway of India, the leader of Other Benaam Celebrity (OBC) Himesh Reshammiya has reaffirmed his demand for 75% reservation in all bollywood movies on annual basis. He alleged, “Roles are being offered solely on the basis of contact and looks, leaving us nothing.”

Himesh Reshammiya spearheading he cause of Benaam celebrities
Himesh Reshammiya spearheading the cause of Benaam celebrities

He has threatened to sing loudly in public, if his demands are not accepted by the end of this three-day fast. Experts are considering this threat more severe than Hardik Patel’s agitation and anticipated sleepless nights and unproductive days.

People from OBC community are rushing at the protest site, actor Bobby Deol and Uday Chopra joined hands with Himesh this morning.

A member of Deol family on condition of anonymity said, “Ashmit Patel and Ameesha Patel have already lent their support to this noble cause but were unable to join as they were busy protesting with Hardik Patel in Gujrat.” He further added that Himesh and Hardik are planning for an unified-protest.

Speaking to a Faking News correspondent, Himesh expressed his supplementary demands, “In addition to the reservation, we want a strong ‘Movie Acquisition Law’ to prohibit Raees and Bhai log from grabbing our rightful movies, ‘Pradhanmantri Movie Suraksha Beema Yojna’ to assure that flop movies have no financial implication.

Encountering the awakening protest of Hardik Patel, nation is now demanding ‘Right to earn if one can gather crowd’ as the new fundamental right.

Cows of Mumbai are now demanding 50% reservation on footpaths and  barricades on footpaths to protect themselves from the Pawan Yaan of Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

Ending speculations of Abhishek joining the protest, Amitabh Bachchan tweeted, “All is well!”

Narendra Modi has refused to tweet on the demands of Hardik, Himesh and cows of Mumbai.

Meanwhile, PMO India has tweeted, “Kis Kis Ko Pyaar Karu!” and Kejriwal has left his enemies awestruck by the tweet, “Make (Movies) in Delhi, we will give huge subsidies on production cost. All movies would be tax-free. We are  opening an Aam Aadmi Filmcity to ease entry of an Aam Aadmi in mainstream bollywood.”