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Hitler shocked at so few Indian parodies of himself

13, Oct 2009 By Varun Reddy

Tripoli, Libya. After seeing so many parodies of himself on YouTube from his movie “The Downfall” (German: Der Untergang), the in-hiding German dictator, Adolf Hitler, has finally confessed that he is still not satisfied with the quality of videos that have been put up. He expressed deep regret that there have been very few Indian parodies made of him yet.

“I have been following all the parodies, right from the first one that appeared on YouTube in 2006, in which I was banned from playing Microsoft’s Xbox Live games console (chuckles). It was hilarious! There have been many parodies after that, but the underlying theme is still the same – American. This is not what I expected. As a nation with so many IT Professionals, I expected a lot of Indian-related parodies about me. But I have come across just a few, with a couple of them being on Faking News”, said Hitler, when contacted at his residence in Libya.

Hitler in his bathtub at Shah Palace, Tripoli, doing his trademark salute
Hitler in his bathtub at Shah Palace, Tripoli, doing his trademark salute

“I mean, you guys are called humorous, and claim to be so in many top-10 lists. The India TV videos by that Sumit guy on Faking News were hilarious, but are those all you have to offer? Where are the parodies on me reacting to L K Advani’s loss in Indian elections, India’s Champions Trophy exit, the Mumbai Attacks, the long trial of Ajmal Kasab and even to some Bollywood movies like “Blue”? I have searched for it on Google for quite some time, but I have not seen any yet”, Hitler told our Special News Correspondent Raja Badbola.

When contacted about this sensational Hitler reaction, the President of the AHP (Aamchi Hitler Parody) Group Mr. Fani Fashist supported his views. “We have an online petition signed by more than 2000 IT Professionals demanding that Hitler should have more Indian parody videos. If they have the time to sign the petition, they surely have the time to make a parody video. After all, yeh desh ki izzat ka sawaal hai”, said Mr. Fashist when contacted on phone.

Hitler’s comments have led to mixed reactions from the public. In an SMS poll conducted by ABS (Always Bull Shit) News to the question “Should we have more Indian parody clips of the famous scene from ‘Downfall’?” 25% said “YES, 20% said “NO”, and 55% said “Which Parody are you talking about?”, clearly underlining the low popularity base for YouTube in India. News anchors are fervently demanding Infosys and TCS to set up new divisions to churn out atleast 20 such videos per day.

When asked by Faking News whether he would consider making a Hitler Parody clip, Senior VP of RSS (Rashtriya Software Services) told our correspondents, “We are in contact with the Board of Directors and a decision would be reached soon on setting up a new division. If TCS and Infosys can do it, so can we. We have an equal number of people on the bench at the RSS and I am sure a new division would be able to accommodate them. This is the need of the hour and I hope the Government appreciates our efforts to generate more employment in the IT sector.”

But many other Indians have strongly condemned these statements by Hitler. The spokesperson of REHAB (Rescue of Erstwhile Hitler-Abused Bodies) Mr. Jewy Swing was very critical of these statements and told or correspondents that “This is a plot by Hitler to spread his fascist agenda all over again. In America, it inspired Bush to wage wars all over the world. Now he is targeting the 2nd most populated country in the world. Our youth are easily influenced by such videos. It will start as “parody”, and the next thing you know, he will be spreading his fascist word, and asking them to make fun of their own politicians. He wants to spread anarchy, I warn you that.”